Surface Cosmetic Story

Part of our mission is to provide the world with natural, cruelty-free products without breaking the bank. While introducing a fresh start to the beauty market, our skin-care products are increasing the amount of cosmetics companies that solely cater to people of color. Our customers have everything they need to feel and look their best through all the latest beauty trends. We understand that life is hectic; therefore, Surface Cosmetics is here when you need a self-care day the most. Learn more about us by exploring our site today.


Back in high school, I started “Self-Care Sundays”. My showers would be about 1-2 hours long and every Sunday night I would make face masks and sugar scrubs with things I had in the fridge, then lock myself in the bathroom while listening to some R&B. After doing this for a couple of years, I realized I loved caring for my skin. That same love inspired me to share this feeling with other people who want to or already enjoy nurturing their skin as well. 

I guarantee that Surface Cosmetics will give you the full experience. 

- With Love, $avy